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I’m Chris, the C in CREW DIGITAL… I am a Digital Marketing Consultant based in the New Forest with my young family (aka the rest of the CREW – Rufus, Eliza & Wils).

My whole working life has been focused on digital marketing, working across different industries and sectors since completing my Business and Marketing BA in 2001.

Since then I have worked client-side, with the odd stint at agencies, building my skills and knowledge over the years, adapting to new technology and changes in the digital landscape and social trends.

My career covers various industries from Insurance, Finance, Marine, Engineering, Renewables, Sports, Travel and Hospitality, having one constant driver – to increase the impact that digital has on the business.

This could take many forms, like improvements to websites for search engine optimisation and user experience, better communication of products and service through email marketing or social media, or targeting new sales channels with paid search and social advertising.



I set up CREW DIGITAL in early 2020, pre-COVID, with the mindset of helping businesses fill their potential through the many different channels and areas that digital marketing has.

This could be from helping website appear better in search engines for organic searches through Search Engine Optimisation. It might be giving websites a clean bill of health with a website audit. It could be advising on digital marketing strategy and giving your business a focused plan of attack and where to find and win business online. It could be starting targeted paid media campaigns, or you might just want some help with updating content on your website.

CREW DIGITAL is here to help, with a friendly smile and a cup of tea.

Let’s start a conversation today about how using a Digital Marketing Consultant can help maximise the impact digital marketing can have on your business.